Main specializations

Construction and Property Law

One of our key specializations is Construction and Immovable Property Law. We offer comprehensive legal services to proprietors, housing communities, investors, developers, designers and contractors in terms of:

  • the analysis of the legal status of the property;
  • the acquisition of ownership rights or perpetual usufruct of the property from the State Treasury or a local authority unit;
  • property acquisition and disposal procedures;
  • waiving joint ownership title in a real estate property;
  • consolidation and division of a real estate property;
  • geodesic and cartographic issues;
  • application for local development conditions;
  • participation in the work on the study of land use conditions and directions of spatial planning of particular communes and local spatial planning;
  • actions for annulment of local development plans and directions of spatial planning of particular communes and local spatial planning;
  • proceedings entailing liability to payment of compensation for entering into force or changing a local development plan;
  • notification of construction works and obtaining building or demolition permits;
  • a building process including contract execution and disputes arising from the agreements concluded with investors, developers, designers and contractors;
  • conclusion and execution of reservation agreements;
  • conclusion and execution of developer agreements;
  • procedures before construction supervision authorities;
  • expropriation of a real estate property;
  • conducting any court or administration proceedings concerning real estate properties.

Where else can we help you?

Civil Law (Contract Law, Property Law, Inheritance Law etc.)

Civil Proceedings

Cooperative Law

Administrative Law

Administrative Procedures

Administrative and judiciary proceedings

Business Law (Commercial Law, Corporate Law)

Labour Law

Banking Law

Transport Law

Constitutional Law

We also serve our Clients in the following foreign languages:
english, dutch, german, russian

You have the right to test us

We take care of good cooperation and satisfaction of the persons using our services. Hence, new Clients are offered a non-binding telephone call or a meeting.

If you have not used our services so far, but you would like to learn more about the legal support we can offer you as well as the cost of legal assistance – you are welcome to contact us..

How to make an appointment and what to prepare for the meeting?

Prepare a short description of the case you need to consult with us.

Contact us by mail or call us describing the type of your case or the topic our service may refer to. The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to refer to the situation and help you much faster.

Wait for our response with the date of your non-binding meeting, which will take place in the headquarters of our Kancelaria or remotely.

What does the initial meeting look like?

During the meeting we will ask questions concerning the case which will help us define initially the most effective course of action.

During the talks, we will try to propose a course of action necessary to solve the problem and present our offer including suggested remuneration for undertaking steps if you decide to entrust us your case.

You will also meet one of our experts who will represent your interests as well as his/her qualifications and experience.

What influences the price of consultations?

We assume that each Client is different and addresses us with a different case, hence detailed conditions of our mutual cooperation and the method of settlement are discussed each time individually. We take into account:

The complexity of the case

Depending on the subject matter of the given advice, the costs may differ. Very often during the first consultation we may indicate only a potential solution to a given problem and define further steps that need to be taken rather than solve the problem.

The duration of the consultation

We encourage our Clients to self-prepare to the meeting according to our guidelines provided via email or on the phone. That will allow us to optimize its duration.

How to make an appointment?

Our new Clients who would like to meet us before we start cooperation shall be encouraged to schedule a non-binding appointment, which is not actually a legal consultation, but will help us find out how we can help and present the conditions of cooperation with Kancelaria.


To make a preliminary appointment, please contact us
from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm:

In the document below you will learn more about
the standard conditions for performing our services


All fees for the services provided by our Kancelaria are settled individually with each Client the moment when our cooperation has been established.

The fees depend on the type of services, required qualifications and professional experience.

There are various possible settlements:

Based on hourly rates

the remuneration is settled on the basis of hourly rates and the time needed for the Kancelaria’s co-worker to perform the duties.

Flat rate

in a form of a permanent remuneration for the reference period or as remuneration for rendering earlier settled services and activities.

We are open to other settlement systems based on the Client’s individual needs.

Payments may be done by card.

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