General information

Welcome to the website of Kancelaria Prawna Jarzyński & Wspólnicy
– a family company, which in its actions focuses on authenticity, experience and modernity.

Our beginnings date back to 1989. We are one of the very first companies in Poland, in which the new generation of lawyers builds on the experience of its founders and takes new challenges with bravery. We are driven not only by dynamics of undertaken actions, but also our commitment to family traditions. We have been present on the legal services market for more than 30 years.

Grażyna Kalinowska-Jarzyńska and Marek Jarzyński (PhD) are the founders of our company, and their sons, Jan Jarzyński and Piotr Jarzyński, joined the ranks of partners and manage the company for a couple of years.

The name alone, Kancelaria Prawna, was the genuine idea of the partners. The term was customarily used only by law firms until it was entered in 1997 into the Act on Attorneys-at-law of July 6, 1982.

To achieve the desired results, our actions are based on gained experience and legal expertise. We also consider the objectives and individual preferences of the Client. We want to intervene proactively in such cases, in which we can provide people with real value, solve the real problem and simply help. We go with the spirit of time and pursue the latest technological solutions, observing carefully the changing market and trends.

For more than 30 years we have been actively participating in economic changes our country has been experiencing. Not only do we assist in achieving our Clients’ objectives, but we also educate.

What do we help in?

  • We assist in solving the most complex legal issues.
  • We advise on establishing companies, co-creating simultaneously their market success.
  • We assist foreign investors in the process of entering the Polish market or in investing in different business sectors.
  • We help implement demanding and complicated construction investments and conduct transactions on the real estate market.

Our Mission

We do care to help our Clients and make their cases proceed as they hope, explaining everything in a comprehensive way. We can adapt to a given situation, and we build trust through not only our legal expertise or experience, but also through proper communication. We always explain precisely the complexities of legal actions we undertake and clarify why they are optimal. We react quickly to any contact initiated by our Client.

Our Vision

We want to be a modern legal office for construction and real estate sectors and help our Clients achieve their goals, not only solve their problems. In the area of client service, we focus on regular contact, include our Client in the information flow as well as we are conscientious and always meet the deadlines.

Our Values

  • Authenticity
    We do not pretend who we are not. We are able to face a difficult task and we always search such solutions, which will be adjusted to the Client’s case.
  • Modernity
    Since the very beginning of our existence, we have been walking off the beaten track. We go beyond the traditional model of providing legal services - we pursue trends using the latest technology in Client service.
  • Experience
    We pursue to achieve the result which is beneficial to our Client, on the basis of many years of our experience. We are determined and fully engaged.


attorneys-at-law dr Marek Jarzyński (PhD) and Kornel Novak rent an office at Aleja Wielkopolska 11 in Poznań and start providing legal services.


June 4 - Kancelaria Prawna dr Marek Jarzyński & Kornel Novak civil law partnership is established and seated in Poznań at Niezłomnych 1.


Kancelaria organizes the first in Poland Conference of Eurolegal (a group of independent European law firms) in Poznań.


Kancelaria is transferred to its current location at Stary Rynek 81 in Poznań.


at the end of the year Kornel Novak resigns from the position of a partner, nonetheless he consents to use his last name in the name of the company.


Kancelaria again has an honour to host the representatives of European law firms by organizing the Conference of Eurolegal in Cracow.


yet another Conference of Eurolegal is organized by Kancelaria in Gdańsk.


October 1 - Kancelaria Prawna dr Marek Jarzyński & Kornel Novak s.c. converts into Kancelaria Prawna Jarzyński & Wspólnicy Sp.k.

Our Clients

For more than 30 years we have been providing services for corporate and individual clients in Poland and abroad.

By entrusting us with your case, you can be assured of:

  • the cooperation with Kancelaria, which represents experience and modern approach – we will take care of your business by using our extensive knowledge and finding the best solutions for you and your case.
  • a high quality of service – you will be explicitly updated and informed about the progress and actions undertaken by our colleagues.

Who do we provide our services to?

  • entities operating in Poland and abroad - both small companies and corporations,
  • local entities as well as those operating nationally and internationally,
  • civil law partnerships, legal entities and commercial companies,
  • organizational units without no legal entity,
  • individual clients,
  • co-owners of real estate properties and housing communities,
  • foundations, associations, and other entities.

If you want to find out how we can help you in your case, please use the contact form to contact us.

International Cooperation – Eurolegal

Kancelaria is a founding member of Eurolegal, a group of separate and individual medium-sized independent European law firms, established in 1990.

This helps us guarantee our Clients professional legal services not only in Poland but also abroad. Our extensive connections in Europe and long-lasting cooperation with foreign law firms allow us to transfer our Clients’ cases of cross-border or international nature directly to experienced lawyers in particular countries.

Eurolegal is an organization of independent European law firms providing services worldwide.

Its members have their headquarters in: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA, UK and Italy, and have many correspondents in both Americas, Asia and Australia.

Eurolegal gathers renown law firms which assure their Clients of professional assistance also in international turnover.

Eurolegal Conferences, organized by our Kancelaria, deepen cooperation between the law firms associated within Eurolegal and enable exchange of knowledge and experience in terms of cross-border legal problems.

So far, we have organized three Eurolegal conferences: in Poznań (in 1995), Cracow (in 2007) and in Gdańsk (in 2019).

Pro bono engagement

Social responsibility and increasing legal awareness are extremely important to us, hence we eagerly engage in pro bono activities and provide legal advice free of charge.

We cooperate with foundations and associations supporting culture, art, science and new technologies. We are also involved in conferences and events related to different areas of law. We participate in such events actively or organize them.

Our Partners preside over the boards of foundations and associations, supporting them with their professional advice. They also participate actively in the actions undertaken by the Poznań Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law.

We are a supporting member of Polski Związek Pracodawców Budownictwa
(Eng. Polish Association of Construction-Industry Employers).

Our passions

Apart form our every day working routine, we try to organize our work in such a way to be able to pursue our numerous passions.

We support artists representing different forms of art. We are passionate about classical and pop music or good films. In our free time we meet at concerts or theatre performances. We are amateur musicians, enthusiasts of Formula 1, football, winter sports, winery or horse riding. Some of us are travellers, others immerse in reading books.



We offer professional trainings prepared by our team pursuant to the individual needs and expectations of our Clients.

We prepare our trainings on the basis of many years of our experience and we try to explain difficult legal aspects in the easiest possible way.

What does the organization of a training look like in practice?


A Client requests a need for, e.g. a training necessary due to some changes in the law, or a need to discuss a given legal issue or any other need requiring new knowledge.


We prepare an individual offer and present it to the Client. Then, we select such a form of the training which will best satisfy the Client’s needs.


specified by the Client.


qualified experts from our Kancelaria.


settled together with a Client.


it may be both at the Client’s headquarters as well as at the headquarters of Kancelaria. We also conduct trainings online.


settled together with the Client to achieve the objectives of the training in the best possible way.


each training participant may obtain a set of materials specially prepared by us to serve for self-study later on.

Knowledge verification

at the Client’s request, we can prepare a chosen form of knowledge testing among training participants, thanks to which we can learn if the training was effective and the knowledge absorbed.