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Legal adviser specializing in Civil Law, Business Law, Construction Law, construction investments, Real Estate Law, spatial planning, administrative and civil disputes with the participation of the State Treasury and commune
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Marek Jarzyński (PhD)
Legal adviser in Civil Law, Business Law, Transport Law, Intellectual Property Law, Construction Law, construction investments and Real Estate Law. He speaks English, German, Dutch and Russian.
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Jan Jarzyński
Legal adviser specializing in Civil Law, in particular succession and inheritance issues, Family Law, Business Law as well as Spatial Planning Law. He has an extensive experience in civil and
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Piotr Jarzyński
He deals with client service and financial as well as organizational issues. He is experienced in trading, company organization, management, negotiations and mediation.
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Bartosz Kleban (PhD)
Legal adviser specializing in Intellectual Property Law. He is the author and co-author of numerous academic publications concerning collective management of copyrights and related rights. He is experienced in Civil
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Jakub Kraczkowski
Trainee legal adviser specializing in: civil procedures, in particular safeguard and enforcement proceedings, Civil Law, Copyright Law and Family Law; speaks English.
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Justyna Czajkowska
A student of law interested in Company Law, Civil Law and Consumer Law.
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Wojciech Maksymczuk
A student of law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, interested in administrative law and administrative procedure.
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Katarzyna Szynalska
Trainee legal adviser interested in Civil and Criminal Law and procedures, Construction Law and Real Estate Law. She speaks English and German.
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Katarzyna Miklosik
Specializes in administrative issues. She organizes the administration of Kancelaria and coordinates the work of the entire team ensuring its efficiency. She speaks English.
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Agnieszka Wieczorek
Administration specialist responsible for office functioning and coordinating the work of the whole team.
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