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Organization of professional trainings

Kancelaria has been conducting internal trainings for many years now and offers its Clients the organization of professional trainings adjusted to their individual needs.

Internal trainings

Internal trainings at Kancelaria take place no more than once a month between September and June. The topics discussed are based on the current issues and needs resulting from legislative changes and the practice of executing the law. During such trainings, their participants have a chance to discuss the reported issues profoundly and share with their experience.

The trainings are addressed most of all to legal advisers who are the partners, workers and co-workers of our law firm. Also other legal counsels as well as the representatives of other legal professions who do not necessarily cooperate with our firm may participate in such trainings. Any interested in the subject matter may participate in our trainings as auditors irrespectively of their educational background or preparation to legal profession.

Training materials are available to be downloaded from our website or can be collected in the Secretary’s Office. Any subsequent distribution of the materials prepared for the training purposes requires the consent of their authors and of Kancelaria.

The organization and coordination of the trainings is provided by the Kancelaria’s partner, Mrs Grażyna Kalinowska-Jarzyńska.

More information about the trainings is given by Katarzyna Miklosik at the Secretary’s Office.

Professional trainings for our Clients

Kancelaria offers its Clients the possibility to organize and conduct highly specialized professional trainings on different areas of law adjusted to the Clients’ needs.

All trainings are conducted by our experts.

We can also prepare professional didactic materials for each training session which will help to organize acquired knowledge.

Also, we can test the knowledge acquired by the training participants upon our Clients’ request.

Together with the Client we settle the time and place of the training (there is the possibility to conduct it at Kancelaria’s Office).

Such formula of professional trainings provides our Clients with the knowledge and solutions adjusted to their needs.