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Construction and immovable property law

One of our key specializations, which we are extensively experienced in, is Construction and Immovable Property Law. We offer comprehensive legal services to the proprietors, housing communities, investors, developers, designers and contractors in terms of:

  • the analysis of the legal status of the property;
  • the acquisition of ownership rights or perpetual usufruct of the property from the State Treasury or a local authority unit;
  • property acquisition and disposal procedures;
  • waiving joint ownership title in a real estate property;
  • consolidation and division of a real estate property;
  • geodesic and cartographic issues;
  • receipt of a decision on development conditions;
  • participation in the work on the study of land use conditions and directions of spatial planning of particular communes and local spatial planning;
  • damages on the implementation of local spatial planning procedures;
  • notification of construction works and obtaining construction and demolition permissions;
  • a building process including contract execution and disputes arising from the agreements concluded with investors, developers, designers and contractors;
  • conclusion and implementation of developer agreements;
  • procedures conducted before the authorities of construction supervision;
  • expropriation of a real estate property;
  • conducting any court or administration procedures concerning real estate properties.