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General Information

Kancelaria was established in 1989 and has been one of the first such firms in Poland.

The partners include Grażyna Kalinowska-Jarzyńska and Marek Jarzyński (PhD).

We are a family company joining not only the generations but also lawyer’s tradition in our family with unconventional and individual approach to our Clients and their problems.

The high quality of client service has always been our priority, which evokes trust in many Clients of ours, therefore we have been assisting them in many cases for years now.


Since the very beginning of our business activity we participated in the political and economic transformation of our country.

We have helped more than a thousand of clients since then.

We advised on establishing many new companies, co-creating their market success.

We assisted numerous foreign companies by providing them with legal help on how to enter the Polish market and invest in different sectors of our economy.

We helped individual clients in solving many highly complicated legal problems and many a time we made a commitment to run their cases and defend their rights in the era of so called real socialism.

We have extensive experience in many areas of law.

Our goals and values


We understand the needs of our Clients. We are for them. We are committed to their cases and provide professional assistance. We explain the complexities of the law and offer optimal solutions.

Our goal is to provide services of the highest possible quality and approach each Client individually. We want our Clients feel calm and relaxed that their cases are dealt with due diligence and care.


  • Strong identification with our Clients’ business and our responsibility for their fortune.
  • Implementation of our ‘original model of a firm’ – our Client has a direct contact with an experienced partner of our law firm, who performs his/her duties with the support of our junior Staff.
  • Guarantee of such legal solutions that are aimed at the protection of our Clients’ business and achieving all possible benefits for them.
  • The highest quality of service based on reliable and professional knowledge – adjusted to individual needs of our Clients.
  • Courageous and non-standard way of thinking about the execution of law, all done in the spirit of constitutional values.
  • The ability to search and implement non-standard solutions preserving the highest ethical standards.
  • Continuous development of qualifications and professional trainings.

Our history

It was the year 1989 when two legal advisers Marek Jarzyński (PhD) and Kornel Novak rented an office at Aleja Wielkopolska 11 in Poznań and started providing legal services.

The partnership Kancelaria Prawna dr Marek Jarzyński & Kornel Novak was established on June 4, 1990 and seated in Poznań at Niezłomnych 1.

The name alone „Kancelaria Prawna” was an original idea of the two partners. The term was customarily used only by law firms until it was entered in 1997 into the Act on Law Practitioners of July 6, 1982.

In 1995 Kancelaria organized the first in Poland Conference of Eurolegal – a group of independent European law firms.

In March 1996 Kancelaria was transferred to its current location at Stary Rynek 81 in Poznań.

On December 31, 2001 Kornel Novak resigned from the position of a partner, nonetheless he consented to use his name in the name of the company.

In April 2007 Kancelaria again had an honor to host the representatives of European law firms associated within Eurolegal and organized the conference in Cracow.

In April 2019 Kancelaria organized another Eurolegal conference in Gdansk.

On October 1, 2019, Kancelaria Prawna dr Marek Jarzyński & Kornel Novak s.c. convert into Kancelaria Prawna Jarzyński & Wspólnicy Sp.k.