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Kancelaria is a founding member of Eurolegal – a group of independent European law firms – existing since 1990. Therefore, we guarantee our clients professional legal services not only in Poland but also abroad. The extensive connections we have in Europe as well as long-lasting cooperation with foreign law firms allow us to transfer our Clients’ cases of cross-border or international nature directly to experienced lawyers in particular countries.

About Eurolegal

Eurolegal is an organization of independent European law firms providing services all over the world. The organization members have their headquarters in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Luxemburg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, the USA, Great Britain and Italy as well as we have many correspondents in both Americas, Asia and Australia.

Eurolegal gathers companies of high quality of legal services they provide. The main goal of the organization is to guarantee its Clients international and professional legal services.

In order to strengthen the cooperation between the members of the organization and update our knowledge, Eurolegal conferences are organized regularly on law issues concerning cross-border problems and current issues related to client service in international trading.

Kancelaria has organized three Eurolegal conferences so far: in Poznań (1995), Cracow (2007) and Gdansk (2019).